Example of a day in an Up Down Circus camp – scroll down for registration

varies depending on number of students & instructors, etc.
8:00am-8:30amDrop Off
Partner Juggling
9:00am-10:00amMake flower sticks
Learn to juggle flower sticks
Learn new tricks
10:00am-10:30amSnack Break
10:30am-12:00pmRotation One: Juggle Balls
Rotation Two: Walking Globe
Rotation Three: Aerial Silks
12:00pm-1:00pmLunch and Relaxing Time
Eat lunch, read, hang out, practice your favorite juggling prop!
1:00pm-2:00pmRotation One: Trapeze
Rotation Two: Hemp Jewelry
2:00pm-2:30pmSnack Break
Work on your jewelry
Practice your favorite props
2:30pm-3:30pmRotation One: Spinning Plates
Rotation Two: Partner Juggling

2018 Camps

(Important Note: Camps will be cancelled one week prior to start date if enrollment too low)

at the Boulder Circus Center, 4747 26th Street, Boulder, CO 80301

What is Up Down Circus?

We are an enthusiastic group of talented circus instructors inspiring students to explore their own capabilities and push their limits to develop self-confidence and a passion for strengthening community and purpose. Up Down Circus’s mission is to nurture and inspire individual and community growth through the challenging yet safe exploration of circus arts.

Who are the camps for?

The camps are open to any students age 7 and above.

What can we expect?

Professional circus instructors will offer lessons in a selection of hula hoops, unicycle, trapeze, juggling, rola bola, walking globe, aerial lyra and silks, diabolo, flower sticks and more in a safe, encouraging environment. In addition to circus skills, students will enjoy various crafts such as drawing, hemp jewelry, t-shirt painting, and balloon making. Students will have the chance to create some of their own circus props like flower and balance sticks and juggling balls. The class will enjoy a fun selection of movement games.

What is the cost?

It is under $10 an hour for the amazing world of circus.

How do I register for the camps?

Click here to register for camps!

Up Down Circus, LLC

(720) 310-8131